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"KuFlow is a platform on which you can design and execute your business processes"

Every time I discover a new digital platform and try to know what it is for, I access the website of that product and find sentences similar to the previous one. But this is very abstract and can mean many things.

In KuFlow we are engineers and therefore we like concrete things; we like to know 'the how' because it is the only way to understand how a platform can solve our problems.

This section of the documentation tries to explain the concepts that make up the platform, why it has been designed in this way, and for what purpose. We believe that a detailed reading of this section will give you a clear vision of what KuFlow is, what you can use it for, and what you can't use it for. We would love that when you finish reading it you feel that our ideas align with yours and that you are as excited about the future of the platform as we are.

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