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The best way to learn is to get your hands dirty. In KuFlow we frequently publish different examples of use of our App and Apis. Each of these examples is accompanied by the appropriate documentation and / or explanatory videos of its use. For example, we can decide that we want to use Typescript language to implement a workflow using Temporal, or we can choose Java language to implement a workflow using only our API Rest among other combinations.

We differentiate two lists of examples, a "curated list" where we guarantee that all the published examples are always up-to-date with the production versions of our platform. So that they can always be replicated without modifications. On the other hand, we have a list called "community examples" which collects useful examples on our platform but may need some modification (not always) for its proper functioning in the current version of the platform.

Remember that if you need help you have our Discord and forums available.

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