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Save task element document

The save-element-document command allows you to save an element of type Document to the specified task uploading the file content.

If values already exist for the provided element code, it replaces them with the new ones, otherwise it creates them. In multievaluated elements, the values of the previous elements that no longer exist will be deleted. If you only want to change a existing single value, use --document-id modifier.


-t, --task-id

Show the command line help. Required

-e, --element-code

Show the command line help. Required

-doi, --document-id

Document identifier. Can be optional. If is a multievaluated element, this modifier is ignored.



File path to upload.

It can be multievaluated if the element supports it.


# Simple document
kuflowctl save-element-document --task-id=a1c13ed9-b6d7-444d-afc8-60dcaf454649 --element-code=CODE_2 /home/user/image.png

# Multiple documents
kuflowctl save-element-document --task-id=a1c13ed9-b6d7-444d-afc8-60dcaf454649 --element-code=CODE_2 C:/image.png C:/other.png
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