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Save task element document by reference

The save-document-element-by-reference command allows you to reference other existing document type elements in order to copy that file to the target element of the selected task.

To do this you need to pass a reference to the document using the 'uri' attribute. In case you want to add a new document, please use the save-element-document command. If values already exist for the provided element code, it replaces them with the new ones, otherwise it creates them. In multievaluated elements, the values of the previous elements that no longer exist will be deleted.


-t, --task-id

Show the command line help. Required

-e, --element-code

Show the command line help. Required


Mark element value/s as valid. Is only supported for all element values, not individual values. True by default.



List of element value URIs. Example ku:task/d0b7b39e-3724-325a-92d5-743d6ef8ba98/element-value/c79158ae-38a9-4381-9cca-f1efd68411e7

It can be multievaluated if the element supports it.


# Simple STRING value
kuflowctl save-element-document-by-reference --task-id=a1c13ed9-b6d7-444d-afc8-60dcaf454649 --element-code=MY_CODE `ku:task/d0b7b39e-3724-325a-92d5-743d6ef8ba98/element-value/c79158ae-38a9-4381-9cca-f1efd68411e7`

# Multiple STRING values
kuflowctl save-element-document-by-reference --task-id=a1c13ed9-b6d7-444d-afc8-60dcaf454649 --element-code=MY_CODE `ku:task/d0b7b39e-3724-325a-92d5-743d6ef8ba98/element-value/c79158ae-38a9-4381-9cca-f1efd68411e7` `ku:task/d0b7b39e-3724-325a-92d5-743d6ef8ba98/element-value/406f6516-db3b-4956-8c61-7ec8f2233865`

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