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Save task element of type Field

The save-element-field command allows you to save an element of type FIELD to the specified task.


-t, --task-id

Show the command line help. Required

-e, --element-code

Show the command line help. Required


Mark element value/s as valid. Is only supported for all element values, not individual values. True by default.



It can be any of the FieldType (STRING, NUMBER, DATE) supported and configured for this element. For the DATE type the format is "yyyy-mm-dd".

It can be multievaluated if the element supports it.


# Simple STRING value
kuflowctl save-element-field --task-id=a1c13ed9-b6d7-444d-afc8-60dcaf454649 --element-code=CODE_1 "My value"

# Simple NUMBER value
kuflowctl save-element-field --task-id=a1c13ed9-b6d7-444d-afc8-60dcaf454649 --element-code=CODE_1 9999

# Simple DATE value
kuflowctl save-element-field --task-id=a1c13ed9-b6d7-444d-afc8-60dcaf454649 --element-code=CODE_1 2022-12-12

# Multiple STRING values
kuflowctl save-element-field --task-id=a1c13ed9-b6d7-444d-afc8-60dcaf454649 --element-code=CODE_2 One Two Three

# Simple STRING invalid
kuflowctl save-element-field --task-id=a1c13ed9-b6d7-444d-afc8-60dcaf454649 --element-code=CODE_2 --no-valid "Invalid text"
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