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UiPath integration

UiPath provides RPA software that allows businesses to automate repetitive digital tasks that are typically performed by people. This can help businesses to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and free up employees to focus on more strategic tasks.

The robots designed in UiPath are essentially composed of a set of activities that are controlled by logic and flow management sentences. The catalogue of activities is available in the Uipath marketplace. In KuFlow, we have designed a set of activities that interact with the KuFlow API, making it easy for a UiPath robot to interact with KuFlow tasks and processes.

All available activities are hosted by the KuFlow organization within the Uipath marketplace.


This library provides keywords to interact with the KuFlow API from a UiPath robot. Its purpose is to facilitate interaction from the robot logic (RPA). Its use helps to maintain the manipulation of the robot results in KuFlow tasks. Activities provide different ways to enter, modify or delete relevant information generated in the robots, in the tasks that make up KuFlow processes. Similarly, utilities are also provided to reclaim tasks in the processes among other functionalities.

More info about the library in source code repo and in the activity page of UiPath Marketplace.

Main features:

  • Reading tasks and processes.
  • Allows you to manage task data (add, delete, delete).
  • Reclaiming tasks.
  • File management in the tasks.
  • Writing task logs.
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