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In order to intercommunicate different systems with KuFlow, we need a communication link that allows the execution of Authentication and Authorization mechanisms between systems. In KuFlow, we call Application to the piece that contains the necessary information to execute these mechanisms.

An Application is used to configure different permissions on external systems that connect to KuFlow. These permissions are configured via the corresponding sections in the user interface, for example in the Processes section in the administration part.

Creating an application

To create an application we must go to the "Applications" menu in the administrative section of the web. Click on "Add Application", set a name that will help us to identify the application and save. Automatically when saving, the system provides us with credentials for the application composed of an Identifier and a Token. It is important that you store this token securely since it is not stored in our system. In case of loss, you will have to edit the application and regenerate your token again.

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