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Task Permissions

A process is composed of a series of tasks that must be configured in the application. In turn, a task can be completed by an external person or system. In order to delimit which actors are allowed to complete or view a task, it is necessary to configure the permissions in the task definition.

Within the configuration section of a Process, we must address a task to be able to configure its permissions. For all permissions types listed below, you can select a person selecting a specific User.

You can also configure a group of candidate persons by selecting a specific Group, avoiding having to list the persons individually. If you don't have any groups created, you can always create as many as you want in the "Groups" menu.

Likewise, you may want to define that the person assigned to the permissions would be an external system, in this case, you must choose the Application that represents this system.

Also, you can select users that have a specific `Role in the process that is running, by now you can choose the following:

  • Process Initiator: User initiating the process.

You can list as many candidates as you wish. You can also combine users, groups, applications and roles as you wish.


Grants permission to complete the task. That is, actors with this permission can fill in the information required in the task and complete it.


Actors with this permission will be able to view this kind of task of all process but never can modified it.

This permission is useful if you want to grant read access to the tasks assigned to other actors because by default, you only have access to the tasks assigned to your own actor or if you have the manager permission in the process.

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