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Advanced features


This sections is in active development, so can be incomplete.

Great! At this point of this tutorial, we are going to dive into some of the advanced features of KuFlow that can further enhance your experience and the capabilities on the platform.

Although the functionalities commented below are not essential to build business processes, they will give you an additional level of power and flexibility in your workflows.

JSON Forms
This functionality allows you to take full advantage of the user interface when collecting information in your flows. With JSON Forms, you'll have access to a wide variety of components and customization options, allowing you to create more sophisticated forms tailored to your specific needs.

Metadata allows you to add additional information to your processes, which is especially useful for differentiating and searching between different workflows. You'll be able to tag and organize your processes more effectively, making them easier to manage and navigate.

User Actions
With User Actions, you can expand the actions that a user can perform within a workflow without leaving it. These actions can include file downloads, queries to external systems, execution of additional jobs, or even starting business threads, giving you more choice and control over your workflows.

These advanced features offer you new opportunities to make the most of KuFlow's potential. Although they are optional, exploring them will give you an added advantage and allow you to tailor the tool to your specific needs.

Remember that KuFlow is designed to be a highly versatile and adaptable platform, and these advanced features are just a sample of what you can achieve. Go ahead and explore and experiment with them to take your workflows to the next level. Discover all the potential that KuFlow has to offer you!

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