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Invite others


This sections is in active development, so can be incomplete.

Now that you've experimented with the platform and have implemented some workflows, we want to talk to you about the importance of inviting other users to the platform.

KuFlow is a collaborative tool, and its true potential is unlocked when multiple people interact, each taking on different tasks. Inviting other users is very easy in KuFlow, and it will allow you to work as a team more efficiently.

During this step of the tutorial, we provide you with an explanatory video that will guide you through the user invitation process. In addition, we recommend that you explore some interesting options such as the definition of roles and permissions, which will allow you to personalize the experience of each user.

Watch the video

Don't miss the opportunity to explore the collaboration potential of KuFlow and to invite other users to work with you on the platform. Together you can achieve great things!

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