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Additional resources


This sections is in active development, so can be incomplete.


You have completed the KuFlow tutorial and now have the knowledge to implement your own workflows on the platform.

But this is not all. There are many resources available to continue learning and collaborating with other developers in the KuFlow community. Here we present some of them:

KuFlow Forum
A place to ask questions and share knowledge with other users of the platform.

Discord channel
A way to interact with other developers, present your ideas and consult and answer questions.

Example Projects Repository
A place to find inspiration and reference on how to use KuFlow in different use cases.

Technical Documentation
A complete source of information about the API and the main methods you can use in KuFlow.

YouTube Channel
A place to find explanatory videos and examples that can help you better understand the platform.

KuFlow blog
A space where we publish platform news and ideas about process automation.

Feel free to explore each of these resources to continue learning and developing your knowledge of KuFlow!

Also, remember that at KuFlow we want to build an active and participative developer community. You can learn a lot by sharing your ideas and collaborating with other members of the community.

Welcome aboard!

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