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Welcome to the December 2023! 🎆 release of KuFlow.

To end the year, we bring interesting news:

  1. Deletion of Organizations (aka, Tenants)
  2. New Login Interface

Deletion of Organizations (aka, Tenants) 🪓

We know that on certain occasions you need to completely erase some of your organizations, in short, to pass the broom through the house. This involves removing from our systems all data and documents that are in the domain of the organization to be deleted. This is a destructive and irreversible action so you must be sure to carry it out. The users with permission to perform this action are those who have the role of "Organization owner" in the organization. In the same way, to delete an Organization, you must archive the published processes and delete their instances beforehand. For more information on how to delete processes, please refer to the documentation.

To perform this action, you must go to the "Management" interface of the application and select "Organization" from the menu. Once here, click on the "Edit organization" button to access a new "Delete Organization" button that will finally allow us to execute our deletion.

In organizations with a paid account, the deletion implies that the date on which the deletion is executed is the date until which their services will be billed in KuFlow. In other words, your billing period ends at the moment you proceed with the deletion.

New Login Interface 💝

When logging into the KuFlow app, you may have noticed slight changes in the authentication interface. This is because internally we have implemented a new identity provider (IdP) that gives us new features that will be released in the future.

Beyond this subtle interface change, for you it will only affect you in that you will have received an email telling you to reset your user password in the application. If you haven't received it, don't worry, when you log into the application you will be prompted to reset your password. Please note that this step is necessary because we do not store customer credentials. In case you are a user that uses our services using a third-party IdP such as Google or others, this step will not be necessary.

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