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Robot Framework integration

Robot Framework is an open-source test automation framework and robotic process automation (RPA). It is written in Python and can be used to test any application that can be accessed from a web browser. The framework has a keyword-driven testing approach, which allows users to create test cases in a natural language syntax.

As a workflow orchestration platform, in KuFlow what we want is to be able to run robots designed in Robot Framework as part of complex workflows that may involve humans and systems. The robots you design will probably implement communications with the KuFlow API in order to retrieve/store information from the workflow tasks where they are executed, and thus be part of a coordinated way in the elaboration of tasks.

KuFlow offers utilities and examples to integrate a robot of this type.

KuFlow Robot Framework

This library provides keywords to interact with the KuFlow API from a Robot Framework Robot. Its purpose is to facilitate interaction from the robot logic (RPA). Its use helps to keep the manipulation of robot results by Workflow decoupled as much as possible.

More info about the library in source code repo.

List of available keywords:

Set Client Authentication

Configure the client authentication in order to execute keywords against Rest API

Append Log Message

Add a log entry to the task

Claim Task

Allow to claim a task

Retrieve Process

Allow to get a process by ID

Retrieve Task

Allow to get a task by ID

Save Element Document

Save a element task of type document

Delete Element Document

Allow to delete a specific document from an element of document type using its id.

Save Element

Save a element task

Delete Element

Allow to delete task element by specifying the item definition code.

Convert To Principal Item

Given an Id of a Principal user, create an item that represents a reference to the Principal.

Convert To Document Item From Uri

Given an Id of a Document or the URI reference of a Document, create an item that represents a reference to the Document elementand can be used.

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